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One Moon Doula was hands-down the best pregnancy ‘purchase’ I made. It was truly an investment that has made us better parents – and we have a happier infant because of it. Quite honestly, the only time I slept peacefully in those first few weeks was when our postpartum doula was at our home. She offered a peace of mind that was invaluable during those first few weeks. And she helped me enjoy the experience, rather than just live through it. I truly believe that the doula’s help made me a much more confident parent and I would highly recommend her services.

Erika, San Diego

We did not use One Moon in the usual way, i imagine. I called them after my wife was readmitted to the hospital with complications 2 weeks after giving birth to our twins. We had family with the babies during the day, but my wife was fighting for her life and did not want to be away from me in the hospital, so I needed someone I could trust to watch them at night.

Kathryn found someone for me immediately. [Our doula] was exactly the person you want in a situation like ours. She was calming, comforting, and extremely nurturing to our girls. She asked me exactly what I wanted done, which was reassuring when we were leaving our babies at a stage where we never expected to be parted from them at all. The doula came to our house for the nights we were in the hospital, as well as a few nights afterward to help us transition to life at home.

We would not have survived what was truly a nightmare without their help. Kathryn was so supportive and understanding when we first spoke on the phone, and it comforted me that she listened to the entire saga, provided some sage advice, and then informed me that she thoroughly vets all of her doulas, so it was okay that we weren’t going to have the luxury of interviewing and meeting with them beforehand.

In the future, if we have the sleep issues I imagine that are part and parcel of infant twin parenting, I will definitely be in touch with Kathryn. I am so grateful that One Moon exists, and, as my mom put it, they helped us and our babies not only survive our ordeal, but find a way to thrive afterward.

Jodi, San Diego

I really appreciated how non-judgmental Kathryn was – whether it was breast/bottle feeding or sleep training ideas, she… never made me feel like my ideas were wrong and was always open to finding the solution that would work best for me and my daughter.

Carly, Encinitas CA

Just weeks before my scheduled C-section in December 2016, my original postpartum care plan  (family) had changed and I was left scrambling to find help the last minute. Kathryn was wonderful in organizing interviews, asked what type of help I need, solicit feedback and adjust her service accordingly. She has a group of wonderful doulas that were all qualified and easy to work with. Kathryn and her doulas helped ease my nerve as a first time mom! She is very accommodating and understanding- which is always appreciated when things kept changing during the first few weeks. Thank you!

Joy, San Diego

The doula was knowledgeable about specific details (breastfeeding, sleep safety) and big picture issues (like changing family roles). She offered incredible support, guidance, and education.

Beth, New York

Sleep Consulting

Our 5 month old twins were a mess when it came to sleeping. Bed time was taking hours and night wakings were very frequent. The loss of sleep and free evening time was really placing stress on us. We contacted Kathryn for help and she was immediately helpful. At our first meeting she was able to assess our needs, our girls, and offer help that met our parenting style.

She was always understanding and non-judgmental and really seemed to care about all of our well being. After our meeting, Kathryn was able to provide us with a sleep plan to help all of us get healthier sleep and help our daughters learn much needed self-soothing skills. She fully understood the special needs of twin households and did everything she could to support us.

When we would hit bumps in the road, Kathryn was available via email, text, and phone calls. It was great having a support system when you are at your wit’s end. Specifically a support that is truly educated and researched on the subject and can help you find health and peace in your home.

Kathryn, San Diego

Our seven month old son was having trouble sleeping through the night – waking up as frequently as three times for feeding. With both of us back at work, we were under pressure to get his sleep routine under control – even our doctor put pressure on us to bring in help! We read sleep books, considered a night nurse, and pretty much everything else. We live in London and Kathryn was recommended to us. We were skeptical of the distance and not sure if a “skype consultation” would do the trick. We exchanged emails with Kathryn to let her know what we were experiencing and then had a few conversations.

Kathryn made the science of our son’s sleeping easy for us to understand and gave us a few ideas that seemed simple but made a huge difference. As parents, we felt much less overwhelmed with the process and within a week, our son was sleeping through the night! He has consistently done so for three months now.

We have been recommending Kathryn to friends near and far and would recommend you contact One Moon Doula if you need help with your little one!”

Shane, London

I wanted to share my wonderful experience working with Kathryn of One Moon Doula. I had been unsure what to do to get my 1 year old to wean off night feedings and sleep through the night. Kathryn provided wonderful insight and encouragement. She worked at my pace and comfort level and gave various options about how to tackle this task. She also was very comforting and easy to talk to. In short – last night my baby slept through the night for the very first time without any intervention or feeding. She woke up a few times but was able to resettle herself with absolutely no assistance from me! I am so grateful to Kathryn at One Moon Doula! I highly recommend her!!

Erika, NY

Last night,there were zero unnecessary wakings! Adam (3+ months) slept from 7:00 to 12:30 and then from 1:00 to 6:30. Sleep, sweet sleep! I know we’re not necessarily home free and tonight may be different, but what amazing progress so far. Thanks for all your help so far. We’re seeing such big improvements to improve the quality of all three of our lives.

Joanne, Nyack

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