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CAREER 101 for Postpartum Doulas

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Come join us to learn all about becoming a Postpartum Doula!

How to decide if the Postpartum Doula role is for you:

Are you an early childcare provider? Retired nurse? “Stay at home” parent? Find out which parts of the job might feel familiar and which might push you out of your comfort zone. Are you a birth doula who always figured being a postpartum doula would feel like babysitting? (It’s not). Or you’re already a postpartum doula who wants to grow your career? Come learn about the impact you can have with growing families!

Choosing a training or training organization:

There are many trainings offered locally that serve as a great way to get your career going!

The lifestyle:

Figure out if this work fits your lifestyle. Some Postpartum Doulas do only day shifts, others only night shifts, and others do both. What to do about the fact that you can’t be sure of your start date with each client, due to birth being unpredictable? What if you can’t cover all of the client’s needs? How to balance multiple clients and due dates? Slow seasons and busy seasons? What can you expect to earn?

Business structure:

Will you be a solo practitioner? Find a partner? Work as an independent contractor with an agency? All of the above!? How do each of these approaches impact your earning potential?

Next steps:

What are some of the basics you need to have in place to begin your career?

Join Us!

For more information and to reserve a space, visit:

Participation in this workshop in no way implies or guarantees any association between attendees and One Moon Doula Services (OMD). OMD is not currently seeking doulas but does periodically have openings, which require individuals to go through an application and interview process to be considered for contract work.

Kathryn KeenerCAREER 101 for Postpartum Doulas
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