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Services available via phone and skype, and in person in and around Encinitas, CA

Once you have made it through the newborn stage, we can offer sleep consulting, helping you balance your need for sleep with your infant’s needs to be responded to, fed and soothed. A sleep consultation can help you understand and plan for what to expect, how sleep patterns will change with development, and how to respond to the baby’s rhythms in a way that might maximize his or her sleep consolidation and consistency. We can teach you ways to gently transition your baby into an appropriate sleep pattern, if needed, as well as to gently encourage his or her natural and developing sleep abilities.

There are many different approaches to newborn and infant sleep and each family has different needs and goals. Fortunately, while there’s room for differing approaches there’s also current sleep science to help parents understand their babies’ behavior, support age-appropriate sleep patterns, and make modifications if and when it’s needed.

We take a gentle approach to supporting parents and babies in reaching realistic goals for getting the rest they all need. Our belief is that you know your baby best, and so it’s important for us to combine your expertise of your baby with my knowledge about infant sleep and development.

We can help you:

  • Learn what to expect and when

    Length of naps and awake times at different ages, frequency of feeding needs during the night, age-appropriate bedtimes and naptimes.

  • Watch for early sleep signs


  • Understand important components of sleep safety


  • Plan for and cope with sleep deprivation for yourself and other family members

  • Support your baby/babies in learning self-soothing at an appropriate age


  • Figure out how to respect your baby’s/babies’ need for sleep amidst other scheduling needs

    Daycare commute? Sibling pickup?

  • Assist baby/babies in learning how to fall asleep on their own in their crib when you are ready


  • Address regression

    Did baby/babies used to sleep for longer stretches and suddenly wake up much more frequently?

  • Provide temporary respite with nighttime doula work


  • Last night,there were zero unnecessary wakings! Adam (3+ months) slept from 7:00 to 12:30 and then from 1:00 to 6:30. Sleep, sweet sleep! I know we're not necessarily home free and tonight may be different, but what amazing progress so far. Thanks for all your help so far. We're seeing such big improvements to improve the quality of all three of our lives.

    Joanne Nyack
  • Our 5 month old twins were a mess when it came to sleeping. Bed time was taking hours and night wakings were very frequent. The loss of sleep and free evening time was really placing stress on us. We contacted Kathryn for help and she was immediately helpful. At our first meeting she was able to assess our needs, our girls, and offer help that met our parenting style. She was always understanding and non-judgmental and really seemed to care about all of our well being. After our meeting, Kathryn was able to provide us with a sleep plan to help all of us get healthier sleep and help our daughters learn much needed self-soothing skills. She fully understood the special needs of twin households and did everything she could to support us. When we would hit bumps in the road, Kathryn was available via email, text, and phone calls. It was great having a support system when you are at your wit’s end. Specifically a support that is truly educated and researched on the subject and can help you find health and peace in your home.

    Kathryn San Diego
  • Our seven month old son was having trouble sleeping through the night – waking up as frequently as three times for feeding. With both of us back at work, we were under pressure to get his sleep routine under control – even our doctor put pressure on us to bring in help! We read sleep books, considered a night nurse, and pretty much everything else. We live in London and Kathryn was recommended to us. We were skeptical of the distance and not sure if a “skype consultation” would do the trick. We exchanged emails with Kathryn to let her know what we were experiencing and then had a few conversations. Kathryn made the science of our son’s sleeping easy for us to understand and gave us a few ideas that seemed simple but made a huge difference. As parents, we felt much less overwhelmed with the process and within a week, our son was sleeping through the night! He has consistently done so for three months now. We have been recommending Kathryn to friends near and far and would recommend you contact One Moon Doula if you need help with your little one!

    Shane London
  • I wanted to share my wonderful experience working with Kathryn of One Moon Doula. I had been unsure what to do to get my 1 year old to wean off night feedings and sleep through the night. Kathryn provided wonderful insight and encouragement. She worked at my pace and comfort level and gave various options about how to tackle this task. She also was very comforting and easy to talk to. In short – last night my baby slept through the night for the very first time without any intervention or feeding. She woke up a few times but was able to resettle herself with absolutely no assistance from me! I am so grateful to Kathryn at One Moon Doula! I highly recommend her!!

    Erika New York

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