Pregnant in Summer? Here’s How to Cool Off!

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  • Pregnant in Summer? Here’s How to Cool Off!

Pregnant women already have a higher blood volume and a slightly higher body temperature… so being pregnant during summer (especially in your third trimester) can be an extra challenge to your comfort and your energy level. Here in North County Coastal San Diego, many homes are without air conditioning because of how mild it is for so much of the year! We found a few tips (besides the obvious, like stay in the shade and stay hydrated) to help you keep your cool:

  • MINT is a cooling herb according to Incorporate it into some of your recipes or even better, into your favorite mocktail! Our friends over at First Coast Doulas have two great mocktail recipes for you.
  • And oldie but goodie – put some ice water in a bowl for dipping a washcloth, squeezing it out, and applying it to your forehead, or rubbing it all over! Do this in front of a fan and it’s pure bliss.
  • And finally, if you’re in North County Coastal San Diego, or anywhere near water for that matter, go take a dip!

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Kathryn KeenerPregnant in Summer? Here’s How to Cool Off!

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