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This is not your average “job” opportunity.

One Moon Doula Services is seeking postpartum doulas. Our team of doulas provides top-notch, personalized service to families in San Diego county. We get to do important work and make a difference for families, while utilzing a team approach to ensure that we continually learn from each other and have access to the support and opportunities the agency provides. 

Doulas who work for our agency provide postpartum doula support to our clients, in the client’s home. This involves helping the entire family transition to life with a newborn (whether it be their first or their fifth). It can include newborn care, informational and emotional support for the parents, sibling care, light housekeeping and organization, errands and meal prep, and “TLC” for the healing and/or adapting mother. Mostly it requires tuning in to the needs of the family and responding to their particular situation, with nonjudgmental support. Some doulas might also offer belly binding, lactation education, placenta encapsulation, infant massage, and various other services to the postpartum mother and family as an add-on to their services.

The nature of postpartum doula work is unpredictable. While you may have the opportunity to set your own boundaries (number of hours per week, or day shifts vs. overnights, or taking time off after the birth of your own child or to care for a loved one….) other things are not within your control. There’s no way to know when a client’s baby/ies will arrive, for one. You may have a client who thinks they want overnights, and switches to days, or vice versa. (Therein lies one of the many benefits of joining an agency – if you are unable to make that switch for the client, likely there is someone else who can. That being said, One Moon Doula does seek doulas with a certain amount of flexibility).

Benefits of working for a doula agency include: flexibility, camaraderie, professional development, reliable backup doulas, and the support of the agency director if a dilemma or challenging situation arises with a client. Agency doulas also benefit from the outreach, networking, and advertising efforts of the agency. Their administrative workload (normally unpaid work for private doulas) is greatly reduced, as the agency handles contracting, billing, much of the scheduling, and other administrative matters such as evaluations, reviews, and follow up with clients. The doulas also benefit from the trust and reputation the agency has earned from referral sources such as past clients, providers, and colleagues.

If interested, please contact us to receive a list of job requirements and application instructions, or call (845) 596-3590. You do not have to be currently trained as a postpartum doula, but must be willing to take an approved, 2-day training upon joining the agency. 

One Moon Doula’s Business Philosophy:

One Moon Doula Services believes that there is generally a lack of adequate social and practical supports for families in the weeks and months following childbirth, and seeks to partner with families to ensure a satisfying and successful transition after the birth of their child/ren. The first weeks in a new human’s life are a vulnerable time: mother and baby are physically vulnerable; the entire family is impacted and challenged by the change; a culture that values independence and emphasizes the nuclear family often clashes with the reality that humans are not meant to enter parenthood in isolation. It is possible to feel fully supported while still embracing the experience in your family’s own unique way, and that is with respectful and nonjudgmental help from informed, compassionate postpartum doulas who empower parents to balance their own needs with the needs of the whole family and therefore enjoy (rather than just survive!) life with their newborn/s.

For more about our clients’ experiences, see our Yelp reviews.

Supporting parents of twins

Supporting parents of twins


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