Postpartum Doula Services

The weeks and months after birth are a fragile and fleeting time. Our mission is to help you envision what you desire for your family’s transition, and then provide a range of services to promote and protect that experience.

Having a postpartum doula from One Moon Doula Services provides you with:

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

When you don't know what to expect, we can provide the right support to help you through stressful situations.

Extra Hands

Extra Hands

When you can't be everywhere at once (for laundry, cooking, tending to baby or siblings, etc.).

Up-to-Date Information

Up-to-Date Information

Stay informed about newborn development and postpartum health.

Nonjudgmental Support

Nonjudgmental Support

When every book and friend tells you something different, we're there for you.

How To’s

How To’s

When you want to learn about baby-wearing, pumping, feeding, swaddling, etc., we can educate and empower you.



The challenges are normal – and temporary! We provide guidance to help you stay positive.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

When you need help with organization, siblings, feeding challenges, back-to-work transitions, etc. – we can provide solutions to fit your specific situation.



We understand the magnitude of this change in your life and how it will impact you and your family.

You can have a postpartum doula in your home for the first few days after birth, or visiting regularly over the first few months, or doulas around the clock, depending on your needs and comfort level. Your doula can come for a half day visit, or for a full day or night. You can hire a doula when you’re pregnant, or when your baby (or babies) is already here. She can stay overnight with you in the hospital, or travel with your family if you’re going on a trip. The doulas adapt to fit the needs of your family.

Once you have met with and selected the doula that is right for your family, he or she will be on call and ready to provide services from the time you are (or your surrogate is) 37 weeks pregnant, or 34 weeks if you’re expecting multiples, and even if the baby or babies come sooner than expected, we’re adept at pooling our resources to make sure you’re covered! If questions or concerns arise, either the owner or your doula will be available to you via phone or email throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. We have a network of local professionals if you need or desire other services and support.

Postpartum doula services can include:

  • Assistance with Newborn Care

    Someone you can trust with your newborn while you catch up on sleep, take a walk or a shower, or spend some quality time with a sibling/s

  • Parent Education

    Answers to your questions about swaddling, bathing, baby-wearing, breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, sleep safety, and more

  • Feeding Issues

    Breastfeeding support; bottle-feeding information; pumping and storing breastmilk; introducing solids, going back to work

  • Healing Tips

    And comfort measures for the mother after childbirth.

  • Tools and Tips

    To assess or prevent postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety

  • Errands, Food Preparation and Light Housekeeping

    Meal planning or meal preparation; errands or online orders; extra hands for taking out the trash, sweeping or vacuuming; restoring order and beauty to the space around you

  • Guidance

    For a spouse or other family members in adapting to their role.

  • Companionship

    Someone to listen to your concerns, frustrations, or joys.

  • Sibling Transition

     Activities to occupy a sibling or siblings, as well as tips for helping them adjust to life with baby/ies!

  • Organizational and Logistical Strategies and Support

    Preparing the home and optimizing your physical space; utilizing the equipment that’s best for your family’s needs; designing a schedule or routine that works for you

  • Connections

    To local resources such as classes, support groups, and other professionals and services

  • Back-to-Work Planning

    For either or both parents, including help finding childcare, strategies for pumping at work or transitioning to formula, logistics of a new schedule, etc.

Our postpartum doulas serve families with newborns and infants in North County, San Diego and beyond. We respect every type of family and the wide variety of styles and approaches they might use, without imposing judgment or agenda.

  • I really appreciated how non-judgmental the doula was – whether it was breast/bottle feeding or sleep training ideas, she… never made me feel like my ideas were wrong and was always open to finding the solution that would work best for me and my daughter.

    Carly Encinitas
  • The doula was knowledgeable about specific details (breastfeeding, sleep safety) and big picture issues (like changing family roles). She offered incredible support, guidance, and education.

    Beth New York
  • One Moon Doula was hands-down the best pregnancy ‘purchase’ I made. It was truly an investment that has made us better parents – and we have a happier infant because of it. Quite honestly, the only time I slept peacefully in those first few weeks was when our postpartum doula was at our home. She offered a peace of mind that was invaluable during those first few weeks. And she helped me enjoy the experience, rather than just live through it. I truly believe that the doula’s help made me a much more confident parent and I would highly recommend her services.

    Erika San Diego
  • We did not use One Moon in the usual way, i imagine. I called them after my wife was readmitted to the hospital with complications 2 weeks after giving birth to our twins. We had family with the babies during the day, but my wife was fighting for her life and did not want to be away from me in the hospital, so I needed someone I could trust to watch them at night. Kathryn found someone for me immediately. [Our doula] was exactly the person you want in a situation like ours. She was calming, comforting, and extremely nurturing to our girls. She asked me exactly what I wanted done, which was reassuring when we were leaving our babies at a stage where we never expected to be parted from them at all. The doula came to our house for the nights we were in the hospital, as well as a few nights afterward to help us transition to life at home. We would not have survived what was truly a nightmare without their help. Kathryn was so supportive and understanding when we first spoke on the phone, and it comforted me that she listened to the entire saga, provided some sage advice, and then informed me that she thoroughly vets all of her doulas, so it was okay that we weren’t going to have the luxury of interviewing and meeting with them beforehand. In the future, if we have the sleep issues I imagine that are part and parcel of infant twin parenting, I will definitely be in touch with Kathryn. I am so grateful that One Moon exists, and, as my mom put it, they helped us and our babies not only survive our ordeal, but find a way to thrive afterward.

    Jodi San Diego

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