Our seven month old son was having trouble sleeping through the night – waking up as frequently as three times for feeding. With both of us back at work, we were under pressure to get his sleep routine under control – even our doctor put pressure on us to bring in help! We read sleep books, considered a night nurse, and pretty much everything else. We live in London and Kathryn was recommended to us. We were skeptical of the distance and not sure if a “skype consultation” would do the trick. We exchanged emails with Kathryn to let her know what we were experiencing and then had a few conversations.

Kathryn made the science of our son’s sleeping easy for us to understand and gave us a few ideas that seemed simple but made a huge difference. As parents, we felt much less overwhelmed with the process and within a week, our son was sleeping through the night! He has consistently done so for three months now.

We have been recommending Kathryn to friends near and far and would recommend you contact One Moon Doula if you need help with your little one!

Kathryn KeenerShane

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