Our 5 month old twins were a mess when it came to sleeping. Bed time was taking hours and night wakings were very frequent. The loss of sleep and free evening time was really placing stress on us. We contacted Kathryn for help and she was immediately helpful. At our first meeting she was able to assess our needs, our girls, and offer help that met our parenting style.

She was always understanding and non-judgmental and really seemed to care about all of our well being. After our meeting, Kathryn was able to provide us with a sleep plan to help all of us get healthier sleep and help our daughters learn much needed self-soothing skills. She fully understood the special needs of twin households and did everything she could to support us.

When we would hit bumps in the road, Kathryn was available via email, text, and phone calls. It was great having a support system when you are at your wit’s end. Specifically a support that is truly educated and researched on the subject and can help you find health and peace in your home.

Kathryn KeenerKathryn

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