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Nutritional Services:

  • healthy recipe for new mothers
  • pregnancy and postpartum nutrition
  • green apple
  • Our nutritionists will provide you with

    your own personal nutritional assessment to help tailor your diet as you transition to your post-pregnancy lifestyle.

  • The early focus is on foods that help you

    heal by aiding digestion, foods to alleviate certain symptoms and ailments, and foods that support your ability to nourish your newborn/s with breast milk if that is your goal.

  • As you begin to recover and feel stronger you can

    tailor your eating towards your long-term health goals. Add an Assessment and 2-Week Meal Plan to your postpartum doula services, or purchase it separately.

  • Add Food Delivery

    for even more ease and convenience!

Breastfeeding Education:

  • breastfeeding doula classes
  • Attend our next Breastfeeding Class in Encinitas!

    This class will cover the stages of lactation, positions for a good latch, myth vs. science, common hurdles, and tips for getting the support you need. For new and expecting parents, and parents who need to refresh their knowledge.

    Start your breastfeeding journey confident and informed!

    Instructor: Christa Gonzalez, Certified Lactation Educator
    Call (760) 652-9296 or email info@onemoondoula.com to inquire about upcoming breastfeeding classes!

  • Or, schedule a personalized class, in your home.

    Learn all the topics they cover in the hospital classes, but have it tailored to your personal situation.

  • Have our Certified Lactation Educator come to your home

    for a class before baby arrives to help you understand what to expect, or schedule your class for after the baby or babies are here, with in-depth information tailored for you and your baby/ies.

  • Then, your postpartum doula can help you

    implement everything you learn from your Lactation Educator (because sometimes it takes a little while for it all to sink in and come together).

Belly Binding:

  • pregnancy relaxation

After childbirth a mother can feel physically and emotionally vulnerable. The core may feel weak, organs are returning to place, the uterus is contracting to return to it’s size, her body feels unfamiliar… If a cesarean was performed, tending to baby by leaning, turning, and lifting may be especially difficult. Countless mothers report that belly binding helped them feel supported and strong, and even emotionally more protected because of the sense of healing and “sealing” after such an intense experience. It assists your body during healing and adjustment, and places a focus on the importance of caring for mother, not just baby.

Belly binding includes:

  • 100% Cotton Bind


  • Organic Warming Paste


  • Organic Sesame Oil


  • Mother-honoring Ceremony


  • Initial Binding

    With instruction for partner or companion for subsequent bindings.

  • Access to Subsequent Bindings

    (for an additional fee)

Add belly binding to your postpartum doula services, or purchase it separately. Purchase a gift certificate to honor a new mother in your life!
  • newborn sleep doulas

Sleep Consulting

Services available via phone and skype, and in person in and around Encinitas, CA

Once you have made it through the newborn stage, we can offer sleep consulting, helping you balance your need for sleep with your infant’s needs to be responded to, fed and soothed. A sleep consultation can help you understand and plan for what to expect, how sleep patterns will change with development, and how to respond to the baby’s rhythms in a way that might maximize his or her sleep consolidation and consistency. We can teach you ways to gently transition your baby into an appropriate sleep pattern, if needed, as well as to gently encourage his or her natural and developing sleep abilities.

There are many different approaches to newborn and infant sleep and each family has different needs and goals. Fortunately, while there’s room for differing approaches there’s also current sleep science to help parents understand their babies’ behavior, support age-appropriate sleep patterns, and make modifications if and when it’s needed.

We take a gentle approach to supporting parents and babies in reaching realistic goals for getting the rest they all need. Our belief is that you know your baby best, and so it’s important for us to combine your expertise of your baby with our knowledge about infant sleep and development.

We can help you:

  • Learn what to expect and when

    Length of naps and awake times at different ages, frequency of feeding needs during the night, age-appropriate bedtimes and naptimes.

  • Watch for early sleep signs


  • Understand important components of sleep safety


  • Plan for and cope with sleep deprivation for yourself and other family members


  • Support your baby/babies in learning self-soothing at an appropriate age


  • Figure out how to respect your baby’s/babies’ need for sleep amidst other scheduling needs

    Daycare commute? Sibling pickup?

  • Assist baby/babies in learning how to fall asleep on their own in their crib when you are ready


  • Figure out how to respect your baby’s/babies’ need for sleep amidst other scheduling needs

    Daycare commute? Sibling pickup?

  • Provide temporary respite with nighttime doula work


Infant Sleep Forum:

  • infant sleep

Avoid feeling like you’re swimming in all of the sleep books, with each one telling you something different. Our sleep experts have all the info and will tailor it to your specific situation and child, which the books can’t do.

We think it’s important to know the baby’s temperament, your family’s style and goals, what’s working for you and what has you stumped.

The Sleep Forum provides you with:

  • A Conference Call for a Sleep Tutorial


  • A Private One-On-One Consultation with a Sleep Expert


  • Daily Access to Questions and Troubleshooting

    via a private Facebook group for parents with babies in the same age range, with the input of a sleep consultant.

  • An Option for Additional Phone Consultations at a Special Rate

  • Optional Written Sleep Plan at a Special Rate


  • Choose from an 8-week or a 16-week package


  • I really appreciated how non-judgmental the doula was – whether it was breast/bottle feeding or sleep training ideas, she… never made me feel like my ideas were wrong and was always open to finding the solution that would work best for me and my daughter.

    Carly Encinitas
  • The doula was knowledgeable about specific details (breastfeeding, sleep safety) and big picture issues (like changing family roles). She offered incredible support, guidance, and education.

    Beth New York
  • Last night,there were zero unnecessary wakings! Adam (3+ months) slept from 7:00 to 12:30 and then from 1:00 to 6:30. Sleep, sweet sleep! I know we're not necessarily home free and tonight may be different, but what amazing progress so far. Thanks for all your help so far. We're seeing such big improvements to improve the quality of all three of our lives.

    Joanne Nyack
  • One Moon Doula was hands-down the best pregnancy ‘purchase’ I made. It was truly an investment that has made us better parents – and we have a happier infant because of it. Quite honestly, the only time I slept peacefully in those first few weeks was when our postpartum doula was at our home. She offered a peace of mind that was invaluable during those first few weeks. And she helped me enjoy the experience, rather than just live through it. I truly believe that the doula’s help made me a much more confident parent and I would highly recommend her services.

    Erika San Diego
  • We did not use One Moon in the usual way, i imagine. I called them after my wife was readmitted to the hospital with complications 2 weeks after giving birth to our twins. We had family with the babies during the day, but my wife was fighting for her life and did not want to be away from me in the hospital, so I needed someone I could trust to watch them at night. Kathryn found someone for me immediately. [Our doula] was exactly the person you want in a situation like ours. She was calming, comforting, and extremely nurturing to our girls. She asked me exactly what I wanted done, which was reassuring when we were leaving our babies at a stage where we never expected to be parted from them at all. The doula came to our house for the nights we were in the hospital, as well as a few nights afterward to help us transition to life at home. We would not have survived what was truly a nightmare without their help. Kathryn was so supportive and understanding when we first spoke on the phone, and it comforted me that she listened to the entire saga, provided some sage advice, and then informed me that she thoroughly vets all of her doulas, so it was okay that we weren’t going to have the luxury of interviewing and meeting with them beforehand. In the future, if we have the sleep issues I imagine that are part and parcel of infant twin parenting, I will definitely be in touch with Kathryn. I am so grateful that One Moon exists, and, as my mom put it, they helped us and our babies not only survive our ordeal, but find a way to thrive afterward.

    Jodi San Diego

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