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One Moon Doula Services was created by Kathryn Keener in 2013. After providing private, postpartum doula services for three years and in two cities (the NY Metropolitan Area and San Diego, California) Kathryn saw a significant need for a larger agency model to better serve her clients. This was because she repeatedly heard from families that finding the right doula for them was a cumbersome, sometimes frustrating process. She heard from doulas that the business side of their work was a cumbersome, sometimes frustrating process – when their main goal was to serve families. She wanted to help doulas and families find each other, and to help families find ample support, not just the sometimes limited support that one private doula with scheduling restrictions would provide. 

Kathryn’s plan to open an agency came naturally and took off quickly. She draws from her 15 years of experience helping to run agencies when she worked in the field of mediation and dispute resolution, prior to becoming a Postpartum Doula. Her role there was to assess the client’s needs, pair them with an appropriate mediator, and cultivate the mediators’ skills and practice, and she now does all of that and more for the doulas and clients  in her oversight of One Moon Doula. Kathryn has elevated the quality of care for families with infants and newborns in North County, San Diego and beyond by carefully selecting well trained and vetted doulas who bring the highest level of service and professionalism to their clients. Besides a careful selection process, One Moon Doula continues to support their postpartum doulas in San Diego, CA with doula training, mentoring, continuing education, and professional development.  Additional doula services such as managing a postpartum diet, breastfeeding classes, belly binding, help with postpartum sleep issues and infant sleep tips.  See more about our additional postpartum doula services here.  

The agency model means that families don’t have to worry about reliable backup if their doula becomes ill and has to cancel a shift. Additionally, the customer service standards are enhanced because the families are able to access the doula or the agency owner for any questions or needs that may arise.

One Moon Doula’s postpartum doulas are not only vetted, they are raved about by parents of newborns (see our doula reviews here), and they are CPR certified and insured. References will happily be provided at your request.

More about Kathryn Keener:

Kathryn grew up in Virginia near Washington, D.C. and has lived New York, Ecuador, and California. She attended the College of William and Mary, received her Masters in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Nova Southeastern University, and speaks Spanish proficiently. She now lives in Encinitas, California with her husband, two young sons, and her dog Luna (the only other girl in the house). She is trained as a Postpartum Doula by DONA, ProDoula, and Newborn Mothers.

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