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Postpartum doulas support families with newborns

CAREER 101 for Postpartum Doulas

  Come join us to learn all about becoming a Postpartum Doula! How to decide if the Postpartum Doula role is for you: Are you an early childcare provider? Retired nurse? “Stay at home” parent? Find out which parts of the job might feel familiar and which might push you out of your comfort zone.

Nine Simple Strategies to Prevent Back Pain After Baby

These nine tips come to us from guest blogger Dr. Dawn Andalon, a physical therapist specializing in women’s health at Level 4 Physical Therapy and Performance in Carlsbad, CA. 1. Change up Your Sleeping Position Sleep with one pillow only. Anything more will bend your neck more than it should and means the muscles in your

Upcoming Events for New and Expectant Parents in San Diego: March 2017

  We are sharing information about two events that will have great appeal to pregnant women, their partners, and parents of newborns, infants, toddlers and young children. One Moon Doula Services will be in attendance at each of these events, both of which take place in San Diego in March. Stop by our booth to

Does it Matter Which Training Your Doula Took?

Does it Matter Which Training Your Doula Took?

In short… not really. You should interview prospective doulas in person (birth or postpartum). You should ask them about their doula training, their experience, their ability to reliably provide vetted back up in the case they can’t provide service to you. (Ask them for a name, and then interview that person – unless you’re going

Postpartum doulas can begin providing support before you have even left the hospital.

An Overnight Doula for Your Hospital Stay?

We were recently hired by a family who knew they would want overnight help from a postpartum doula during their hospital stay after the birth. After the baby was born, they wanted the father to be able to sleep at home with their four-year-old son, but the mother didn’t want to be alone in the


This is not your average “job” opportunity. One Moon Doula Services is seeking postpartum doulas. Our team of doulas provides top-notch, personalized service to families in San Diego county. We get to do important work and make a difference for families, while utilzing a team approach to ensure that we continually learn from each other

Why Breastfeeding Comes Naturally to Most Babies – But NOT to Their Mothers

On the one hand, breastfeeding is, of course, natural. In some ways it’s amazing to see all of the babies who instinctively know what they’re doing. There’s even a term, “breast crawl,” that describes how babies, just minutes or hours old, will inch themselves from mother’s belly right up to the breast, even though babies

Mom Guilt Part 1: A Getaway With the Husband

This is where I’m sitting, right at this very moment while I write this. The view is spectacular. The “hotel,” (I almost can’t even call it that because of it’s size and grandeur) is luxurious. I’m working, but it’s work I love and care about. With so few interruptions because I’m not in my home

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