Why “One Moon…”?

“Cultures throughout the world have long recognized there is something magical about the first six weeks of life. Many cultures have a custom by which the mother is given lots of support and rest and is freed from all responsibilities except learning to care for . . . her baby.
Some cultures refer to this as ‘one moon cycle’ others as ‘the first forty days.’

The Breastfeeding Book, By Martha Sears, William Sears

One Moon Doula Services is proud to provide families with the highest quality of postpartum doula support available in the county of San Diego, and honored to be of service to you during this incredibly important time in your family’s life.

At One Moon Doula Services we believe that the weeks and months following the birth of a newborn is a fragile and fleeting time. Parents are often overwhelmed with lack of sleep, the newness of their roles and responsibilities, and the seemingly constant needs of the newborn/s. While conditions usually rapidly improve after the first few weeks, getting enough sleep and support in the meantime can make all the difference between enjoying those early days and simply enduring them. It is our mission to help you envision what you desire for your family’s transition, and to provide a range of services to protect and promote that experience.

Whether you are looking for overnight support, meal preparation and light housekeeping, sibling support and household organization, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding information, or education about newborn development and postpartum health, our doulas are poised and ready to be your resource and your guide. Non-judgmental, professional and compassionate support is what we are all about.

Our doulas undergo professional training, mentoring, and ongoing continuing education to remain current, informed, and sensitive to the needs of each unique family. The agency owner is steadfast in her commitment to orient families to what they can expect after the birth of their child or children, help them determine what services can best benefit their particular family, and arrange for them to select the doula that best meets their needs.

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Amanda Rollins professional San Diego Doula

Amanda Rollins Doula

Being the oldest of 5 children, Amanda's knowledge of infant care has been ingrained since childhood... (read more)

Belly Binding Doula Chris Dorman

Chris Dorman Doula

Chris is a Birth and Postpartum Doula, a Hypnobirthing Instructor, and a provider of Bengkung Belly Binding... (read more)

Candace Smith Doula

Candace Smith is a birth and postpartum doula who is passionate about women’s health. Her work as a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor has demonstrated... (read more)

Cati Wright Doula

Cati is a postpartum doula with over 10 years of childcare experience including 3 years as a nanny. After having her own children while living far away from family... (read more)

Carlyle Lee Doula

Carlyle is fascinated with babies and young children, and has always had "the touch" that gets them to settle down and sleep well. Many clients remark that her... (read more)

Patricia Keene Doula

Patricia has 27 years of experience in education, as an early childhood, elementary, and special education teacher... (read more)

Kaela Kajiyama Doula

Kaela Kajiyama is a certified postpartum doula and has been serving families for the last eight years, in Hawaii and San Diego. She believes that the postpartum period is a crucial time for families to connect and grow... (read more)

Emily Stocking Doula

Emily first started caring for babies when she was 13 years old, and that interest led her to later pursue a degree in child development at California... (read more)

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  • Beth

    New York
  • Joanne

  • I really appreciated how non-judgmental the doula was – whether it was breast/bottle feeding or sleep training ideas, she… never made me feel like my ideas were wrong and was always open to finding the solution that would work best for me and my daughter.

  • The doula was knowledgeable about specific details (breastfeeding, sleep safety) and big picture issues (like changing family roles). She offered incredible support, guidance, and education.

  • Last night,there were zero unnecessary wakings! Adam (3+ months) slept from 7:00 to 12:30 and then from 1:00 to 6:30. Sleep, sweet sleep! I know we're not necessarily home free and tonight may be different, but what amazing progress so far. Thanks for all your help so far. We're seeing such big improvements to improve the quality of all three of our lives.

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